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We are more than just custom web design! In order to provide our clients with an easy, hassle-free 'one-stop' experience, we can also provide the following services:

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Important Copyright Information

Important Information regarding copyright to custom graphics and/or web pages.
Most people assume when you have a professional web designer create your website, that you are paying for the products of the final finished product. This is not true in most cases. More often than not, you are only purchasing the exclusive usage and all copyrights remain with the designer. Much like having a professional photographer take your photo, you are purchasing the photo but the copyright stays with the photographer. So as to better inform you before we start work on your project we outline our stance on this issue which will therefore cause less potential misunderstandings later ...

Our Company Copyright Policies
Copyright to the finished assembled work of web pages and or graphics produced by Gaslamp Village Web Design Studio remain the property of Gaslamp Village. Upon final payment of your contract, you the client are assigned rights to use these elements, contained in the finished assembled website or design project. Rights to photos (Supplied by Gaslamp Village), graphics, layout, source code, work-up files, computer programs and other elements that have been supplied by us are specifically not transferred to the client, and remain the property of their respective owners. If you, the client, are (or are intending to), update and maintain your own website, you have permission to alter the content only. Should you require any changes to custom graphics or template (layout & design), these changes are only to be done by Gaslamp Village Web Design Studio. Should you decide to 'retire' the services of Gaslamp Village Web Design Studio for any reason, all web design pages, layouts, work up files, graphics, etc ... will remain the property of and be relinquished to Gaslamp Village BEFORE another designer begins working on a new website for you. Should the client wish to purchase the copyrights to any of these elements, then arrangements can be made with an additional cost to the client.

So ... EXACTLY what ARE you paying us for?
Our time. We are a service business. The hours that we put into a design are sometimes astonishing! Therefore, you are paying for the time it takes us to create the images, the layout, the template and all mark-up source files such as HTML, CSS, Javascripts, etc., and the time it takes to make minor changes to the template, add more pages, place the text, upload photos and documents, and to complete whatever other tasks are required to make your new website function and view properly. We also include some meta-tagging and some local SEO (search engine optimization). Surprisingly enough, what we charge to create a website does not even begin to cover the amount of hours we put into some of the designs we create. Which is why custom web design companies in bigger cities often charge three to four times the amount we do in order to create websites of the same caliber as our websites.

Ready To Begin?
Be sure to visit our "Getting Started" page for easy instructions on how you can be on your way to getting a brand new website ... easy and hassle-free!! Or call us today to get a quote on your next project! 403-487-5004