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Our Media ... your Message!

You've heard the expression, "It Takes a Village..."? Well... Welcome to ours!.

Web Media & Inbound Marketing Agency

It Takes a Village!

So, this is Gaslamp Village Media Inc. We're a community of creative minds, here to help you navigate the crazy world of websites and promotional videos and content writing and - and now we're babbling.

Tell you what.

Why don't you take a quick look around our website, check out the services we specialize in, pop in to meet our team, and see how our local-to-Medicine Hat mindset makes us the perfect media partner for you and your business.

Services We Specialize In

SEO & Responsive Web Design

Everyone has a device these days, and everyone is using it to find YOUR product or service. Make sure your website conforms to display properly on ALL devices. We'll build you a website that's as attractive and flexible as you!

Inbound Marketing

Attract the right customers to your website with proven marketing techniques that works on converting your website visitors to leads and then to customers.

Video Marketing & Production

Great written content is fine, but in this instant-gratification society, people want to see and be told about your products or services. Show off your company's best side with a front-page video that sells you, your product, and your philosophy! A picture is worth a thousand words. A VIDEO, is worth a million!

It doesn't hurt to give us a call... We're really friendly people!

Helping Businesses Attract the Right Website Visitors!

Whatever We Can Do To Help Make Your Business Better.

Search Engine Optimization

"If you build it, they will come"... does NOT apply to web design. Make sure your website stands out, and is counted by the search engines through the use of keyword and geo-targeted content. You don't have to pack up your office and move, to be relevant everywhere.

Customized Functionality

Need a site with more than just a contact-form and photo gallery? Our experienced programmer can take your vision, and turn it into functionality... right on your website! Make your site work FOR you, and not against you.

Professional Content Writing

Our experienced, award-winning writing staff can make words on the page sing beautifully about your business. Featuring creative writing in a style that suits your clientele for the eye, or the ear... and with search-engine-optimized key words to help Google, Bing and all their friends take notice.

Built with Care

We consult with you throughout the entire project to make sure your website accurately represents your company. Need some personality? We have plenty of that! Tell your story and make people notice!


How We Can Help You!

Search Engine Optimized Web Design

What if your website could be actively generating new leads, informing your customers and spreading the word about your business in a way that is fun and inviting?

These days it is nearly impossible to get by without having a website. For most business operators a website is simply a virtual business card with contact information, some standard pages and maybe a link to their Facebook page. However, what would you say if we told you that your website could be so much more?

At Gaslamp Village Media Inc. we believe that your website should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy. We specialize in developing visually attractive websites that are dynamic, exciting and filled with high quality search engine optimized content.

Instead of building boring websites that just sit there “looking nice” we focus on constructing a website that will “go to work”!

The Benefits of High Quality SEO Content Writing Services.

You have heard the expression “if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Well, the same things goes for your website.

At Gaslamp Village Media Inc. we specialize in producing high quality SEO content for websites to help make your business more visible online! Investing in high quality SEO optimized content is the best way to make your website be seen.

Even the most visually stunning website design will go completely unnoticed if it does not have quality written content on it. In fact these days, content rules king and a website without it simply won’t rank.

For this reason alone, it is a good idea invest in SEO content for your website’s pages.

However, if you really want to market your business online, implementing a content strategy that makes your website an expert resource of information while also utilizing modern SEO best practices is the way to go!

So don't chop down that tree. Water it! With the proper content that sells your business, and is written with high quality SEO Friendly content, you'll get noticed.

Meet our team

At Gaslamp Village Media Inc. we believe that it takes a team of talented individuals each lending their strengths to successfully market businesses online.

Dave Cruickshank
CEO, Audio/Video, Photos, Server Admin, Tech Support

Dave has an impressive 24 years of experience in the media industry. Originally a radio producer, Dave is enthusiastic about combining traditional media with modern web technology.

A self-proclaimed “computer geek” Dave continues to be the guy you call when you need something fixed!

Scott Johnstone
Developer - HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and More!

Scott has over a decade of experience in web development and SEO. He also specializes in complex web programming.

As a co-owner of Gaslamp Village Media Inc. Scott is enthusiastic about the future of web media production and modern SEO.

Chrissy Cruickshank
Creative Writer, Incredibly FUN Person

With over 15 years in the Creative Writing field, Chrissy is perfectly adapted to making words singly loudly about your business! Always a smile on her face, she is a pleasure to work with, a creative POWER house, and will make the painful task of 'wordifying' your business fun!

We're Here to Help!

Customer Care

Gaslamp Village Media takes pride in our after sale service, after all, a Gaslamp Client is a long term client. And we truly do care about you and your business. We provide to our clients unlimited tech support by phone, email or in person.

Our Commitment

We know "Personal Confusers" aren't for everyone, and a website requires constant maintenance. We also know you're busy enough. Need help?? We're waiting!


15 Minute Guarantee!

When you need website updates, or small services rendered, and don't have time or know-how to do it yourself, Call us! If we can do what you need in less than 15 minutes, it's FREE! One of the ways we say "We Care!" (Some conditions apply)